BV Sports

The BV Story

Booster Veines Sport was founded in the late 1980’s by two cardio-vascular surgeons, who were conducting research into the best ways to make compression improve athletic performance. They found that by manipulating where compression was placed, they could speed up blood flow – so basically Booster Veines Sport = Faster Blood for Sport.
Through the years BV Sport has kept it’s base in sports medical science and has had over 20 independent scientific and medical studies carried out on the products and brand.
Through the 1990’s and 2000’s BV Sport was THE compression wear of choice for the Elite sports athletes of Europe. Their customers name are a sporting hall of fame including Zinedine Zidane, Didier Drogba and Franck Ribery to name a few.
In 1998, the French World Cup winning team wore BV Sport compression.
In 1999, the European Space Agency have their astronauts wear BV Sport on their return to Earth
In 2002, working with the French 4 x 400m relay team, they developed the first sport calf compression sleeve.
In 2007, the French rugby team brought BV Sport compression to the Rugby World Cup.
At the Olympics in 2012 and in 2016, BV Sport was worn by the entire French Olympic squads.
In 2016, Italy France and Belgium wore BV Sport Booster Elite Calf Compression sleeves and Recovery Socks during the European Championships.
In 2016, FitDist brought BV Sport to Ireland and GAA Nutrition are bringing the brand to the GAA community.
BV Sport value their brand, products and customers so much that they exclusively make their compression wear at their own factory in France. They will not mass produce their garments in a far off factory and risk their quality and reputation. Quality control is essential for proper compression.

What does BV Sport Compression do?

Through the work carried out by the doctors that set up BV Sport as a company, where they discovered that placing compression in specific areas improved blood flow more than typical compression.

Typical compression increases blood flow by 33%.

BV Sport compression increases blood flow by 79%

More than twice the effect.


The Booster Elite calf compression sleeves are designed to enhance blood flow through the calf. They are made with 4 levels of compression within the garment, with no breaks or stitching. Introducing a break or stitching means breaking control of compression, it’s like tying a knot in an elastic band. The sleeves are so comfortable, you won’t notice you are wearing them. With 10 different sizes, the sleeves are almost tailor made for the wearer. The sleeves will compress the muscle and blood flow – they will not constrict or feel tight – this would limit blood flow.

What do the Booster Elite calf sleeves actually do?

1 – Improve blood flow – removing de-oxygenated blood from working muscles faster, introducing fresher oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the working muscles faster;

2 – Delays fatigue – More energy reaching the working muscles faster = longer stamina;

3 – Limits oscillations/vibrations – The controlled compression within the calf sleeves means that during each running or jumping landing the muscles move much vibration is reduced. One of the main causes of sore muscles after training and playing are micro tears in the muscle fibre.

4 – Reduce injury potential – By reducing the micro-fibril tears caused by oscillation and vibration, the wearer will suffer less calf injury. Existing micro-fibril tears can be repaired, when the sleeves are worn over two weeks during activity and training.

5 – Improved Proprioreception – With the muscles being held in place, the wearer will feel small changes in position that can affect balance, speed and reaction. Playing surfaces like a weathered or torn up pitch will be overcome with BV Sport Booster Elites much more so than without.

Who wears BV Sport in Ireland?

Susan Kenny – Irish Women’s National 50km Champion


Phil Sutcliffe Jr – Irish Welter Weight Boxer


Kevin Thornton – Irish International Triathlete


Jade Kirwan – Olympic weightlifter and CrossFitter


Christine McMahon – Irish 400m Hurdler

13 August 2014; Ireland's Christine McMahon following her heat of the women's 400m hurdles event, where she finished third and qualified for the semi-final. European Athletics Championships 2014 - Day 2. Letzigrund Stadium, Zurich, Switzerland. Picture credit: Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE




BV Sport is also worn by Irish International Hockey players, Irish Olympic marathon runners and MMA fighters.