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Insights on Speed Training Although some players from days past were gifted,against today’s top teams they would mostly likely struggle to keep up especially when it comes to speed. Advances in nutrition and sports medicine today have most certainly contributed to improved team performance but another factor is the speed of players today. The majority […]

Speed Kills! How to Develop Faster Running for Team Sports Whether it’s Bernard Brogan in full flight roasting a defender and scoring the winning goal in gaelic football, a whippet of a rugby winger sprinting the length of field to score a try, or fleet rookie wide receiver J.J. Nelson nearly breaking the all-time 40-yard […]

The Perfect Rep Scheme For Strength And Size Power training isn’t just for competitive athletes: It can do wonders for your physique as well! Cast a bigger shadow with this world-class program from renowned coach Charles Poliquin. Name: Charles R. Poliquin Occupation: Strength coach, author of “The Poliquin Principles” and “Arm Size & Strength: The […]

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